January 28th, 2013 by alliance

There have been many rumors circling around after Phil Soven announced his departure from long time sponsor Liquid Force. We thought it would be a good time to catch up with Phil and get the official word on his new direction from the man himself. Tune in tomorrow for Part 1 as we catch up with Phil and watch him ride his new board. After 16 years of riding for one brand, Phil says this is the start of a whole new chapter.

15 Responses to “Catching Up With Phil Soven”

  1. Evan Says:

    CTRL!!!!! gotta be

  2. Blaine Allan Says:

    I’m With you Evan CTRL!!!!

  3. jamie Says:

    those looked like the new Hyperlite boots to me.

  4. Tom Petty Says:

    Im callin byerly

  5. hmm Says:

    his chin is cut off. sorry. awesome piece though.

  6. Spencer Welch Says:

    Just talked to Froggy. He will be riding Collin Wright Boards for the 2013 season. Rumor has it they found a pallet of boards in the old Smoked Monkey’s parking lot. On a side note Bob just got a pay raise and a new pro model from Liquid Force, the “B”S4.

  7. Jason Kelley Says:

    Looks like a CTRL RX 140 Wakeboard to me.

  8. JJ Says:

    I heard he took AJ’s spot on Wakeology.

  9. smity Says:

    those are definitely CTRL’s! good move phil, they’ve been getting great exposure and lots of podiums over the last couple years, hope this all works out well for him

  10. damo Says:

    looks like a 140 RX with Hustle boots to me….

  11. blaaahhh Says:

    Definitely CTRL

  12. woooo Says:

    lol at wakeology…that will never happen

  14. Andreas Voss Says:

    Soven on CTRL Part 1. Watch, enjoy, stay tuned!

  15. Nacho Nova Says:

    JJ’s wakeology comment made my day! XD


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