Call him what you will, Easy-E, Shreddington or even just Adam, this 19 year old from Florida had one hell of a year. He took Rookie of the Year on the Pro Tour, stood on the podium again and again, and a little bird told me he may be getting another prestigious Rookie of the Year award soon (but you didn’t hear that here.) His mastery of the rails, insane consistency and the impressive way he pops off the wake definitely turned heads, and made sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. We figured we’d better catch up with Adam before he gets too big to talk to us.

How long have you been wakeboarding?
This is my 6th year.

How did you get into it?
Through some friends at school. One of my good friends in middle school took me out to Orlando Watersports Complex, it’s a cable park and they have the boat out there too. I first starting doing it on the cable, did that for about a half a year. I kind of learned all the basics on the cable and then starting going out on the boat after that.

So you were born in Scotland?

Do you own any kilts?
Nah, I’ve worn one at a wedding, but I don’t have any.

What is your favorite boat to ride behind?
Probably my Tige 24 foot Ve.

What’s the most Red Bulls you’ve consumed in a day?
A whole case! No, but a lot, probably a whole case.

Are you done with high school now?
Finally done with high school! I went to regular high school. It was pretty tough with all the traveling and all the contests but I got it done and it’s good to be out now.

Any plans to go to college?
Definitely. Not right now, I am still young and I am doing the wakeboard thing now. The way I see it I can always go back to school when I need to.

How long did you compete in the Jr. men’s division?
I did two years and this was my first year in pro.

Why did you decide to switch to pro?
Last year was my best year I have ever had. I won the whole tour and won a few events and I just thought it was my time to move up.

What’s it like competing against the pros?
It’s awesome. I’m really happy I moved up, it’s so much different but it’s so much fun riding against all the guys that I’ve been looking up to all these years wakeboarding and getting to compete with them is awesome.

What do you do for fun?
I travel quite a bit but when I am at home I usually hang out with my friends and catch up on old times with those guys. I skateboard, motocross, ride the cable.

What’s you’re favorite place you’ve gotten to travel?
I went to Spain for a contest, which was pretty fun. Me and one of my friends went over there by ourselves. It was cool because we were learning Spanish in school so we were trying to talk to everyone in Spanish. That was fun.

Anywhere you would really like to go?
I’d like to go to Hawaii and Japan.

Where do you ride when you are at home?
I live on a lake in Orlando, it’s called Lake Hart. There are so many lakes in Orlando and there’s so many pro wakeboarders there you can pretty much find anyone to ride, but you’ll usually catch me at my house or at OWC.

Who do you usually ride with?
Just friends. A lot of my friends from my neighborhood wakeboard too so we have our own little crew. And my friend David Hanson is my wakeskating buddy.

I heard your dad has an interesting job, what does he do?
He is a commercial diver. Basically he’s a deep-sea construction worker. They go down pretty deep and work on oil rigs and make sure everything is running right. It’s pretty risky.

Any desire to go into the family business?
Absolutely not!

What kind of music so you listen to?
Classic rock, rock and roll and a little bit of hip hop.

What do you feel like is your biggest accomplishment so far?
Probably last year, winning the pro tour in the Jr. Men’s division. Me and my good friend Jimmy LaRiche were kind of neck-in-neck the whole tour. We didn’t really know who was going to win. It came down to the last event and I ended up winning.

What are your favorite tricks, any you try to do in every run?
I try do a lot of spins, at least a 720 in every run and I try to stand out on the rails as well.

You definitely kill the rails, why do you think that is?
It’s definitely because of OWC. The cable park has tons of rails and I grew up riding there. I think it’s natural for me from doing that for so many years.

Who do you look up to in wakeboarding?
I really look up to Shaun Murray. He was pretty close to me and helped me out when I was first getting into wakeboarding. He took me out in his boat quite a bit and he’s always been kind of the man in wakeboarding. I think its great what he’s been doing in the sport, I really look up to him.

Do you have any goals for yourself in wakeboarding?
I’d definitely like to win the pro tour in the pro men’s division. That’s probably everyone’s goal, but it would be a good thing to win that.

Who else are you riding for besides Red Bull?
Ronix Wakeboards, Fox Clothing, Tige Boards, Orlando Watersports Complex and Performance Ski and Surf.