SPOTTED! Dave Grohl vacationing at the Projects?

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Spotted! Dave Grohl at the Projects? Is he retiring from his career as a multi platinum musician to ride the wake instead? Rumor has it he has been spotted on several different occasions roaming the projects grounds near dark. “I didn’t even realize it was him until he belted out the words ‘there goes my hero, watch him as he goes’ as Nate Perry slid past him on the 100 footer” – Said Projects resident Clay Fletcher. Rumor has it Dave will be spending the next couple of days in Bithlo before he hit’s the road again.

Spencer Pratt goes wakeboarding? Wow Orlando is HOT right now! Two international celebs here on seperate wakations? According to sources in the Clermont region “The Hills” MTV star Spencer Pratt has yet to mention when he plans on returning home… Is his marriage to Heidi Montag on the rocks? Rumor has it she is ready for a child; Has this got Spencer running from the hills? Only time will tell as the reality television star  remains in Clermont to pursue a career in wakeboarding.