Centurion Boats Signs Two-Time World Champion Rebecca Ort to its Pro Wake Surf Team

Merced, CA April 15, 2012
Centurion is proud to announce Rebecca Ort has joined the Centurion Pro Wake Surf Team. Ort, a successful dentist from Switzerland, is also a two-time World Wake Surfing Champion and has a won 17 straight competitions. She’s unbeaten since 2009! Ort is also the first woman to complete a surf style 720 and a full reverse in competition.

Ort’s accomplishments are impressive with wins at the Texas Wakesurf Championships, Wake Surf Festival/Switzerland, King of the Lake/France, German Championships, AirBaze Eskimo Cup among others. She was also crowned the World Wake Surfing Champion in 2010 and 2011.

“Rebecca’s accomplishments are significant and certainly attracted us to her, said Todd Gaughan, Centurion’s Wake Surf Team Manager, but what we really like about Rebecca is her dedication to wake surfing and especially to Centurion. She’s been a Centurion owner since she came to our 2008 World Championship in Nashville.” Ort, a former tennis competitor, traveled to Nashville for her first wake surf competition where she took second place, fell in love with the sport, and bought a Centurion Enzo. Since then, she has trained four days week during the Swiss season.

After her competitive tennis career, Ort studied medicine in London and eventually became a dentist. During her time in London she picked up ocean body boarding and after a surf trip to Barbados, Ort was hooked on surfing. Her desire to continue surfing led her to the sport of wake surfing and the perpetual wave provided by a Centurion Enzo. As an accomplished athlete with an insatiable desire to master everything, it wasn’t long before she was winning wake surfing contests.

Ort is also sponsored by AirBaze World Champ Wakesurf Boards, Hydro-Turf, Kibag Marina and Core Kites.

Centurion’s team consists of the most decorated wake surfers in the World. Rebecca Ort joins the world renowned Centurion Pro Wake Surf Team which holds a combined 11 World Wake Surfing Championship titles and includes Bri Chmel, Keenan Flegel, and Drew Danielo just to name a few.

About Centurion: Centurion Boats is most recognized as the first boat company to produce a dedicated wakesurfing boat and with its new ENZO SV244 model, Centurion remains at the top-of-the-class in this space. In addition to world class wakeboarding and slalom ski boats, Centurion has been a pioneer in wakesurfing technology and held the first World Wake Surfing Championship in 1995, an event that has grown to become the world’s largest, annual, premier wake surfing event. For more information please contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 or visit www.centurionboats.com.

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