Wakeboarding and NASCAR have flirted with each other for years, starting back in the days of Cobe Mikacich and Chris Bischoff going to the Richard Petty Driving School. And after all, NASCAR’s Mecca, The Daytona International Speedway is only a short drive from Orlando. But Centurion Boats has recently taken the relationship to the next level.

I attended the Centurion dealer meeting today at Daytona, where the company officially unveiled its new, three-year licensing deal with NASCAR. What that means to you as a boat buyer is that you can now officially drive a vehicle that LOOKS just like your favorite racecar. And if you’re an Earnhardt fan, your ship has really come in.

Centurion has already produced 60 boats with Earnhardt signature graphics (30 Jr. and 30 Sr.) and is currently revving up more production. The plan is to eventually carry the license for each and every Nextel Cup team, meaning that in the near future you can buy a boat with your guy’s graphics, no matter whether he’s a perpetual pole sitter or bringing up the rear every Sunday.

Centurion has also invested in a full NASCAR 18-wheeler to take to all the speedways for race weeks, where they will have interactive demos, product giveaways and even riding sessions with their pro team.

For more info about the boats, visit their website at www.centurionboats.com.