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Looks like Jimmy Lariche is having a good summer… Absolutely killing it behind the new Nautique G23.

Looks like Jimmy Lariche is having a good summer… Absolutely killing it behind the new Nautique G23.

27 Responses to “Cheers To Summer -Jimmy Lariche”

  1. Steve Says:

    Damn…. Jimmy just destroyed that G boat. Video is so awesome to watch.

  2. ben Says:

    Legit kicker spins are the best. Sick riding all around.

  4. hmm Says:

    where’s P Weiland’s credit?

  5. JAY Says:

    This is the third edit I have seen in two weeks with this song… other than that love it.

  6. jon Says:

    BOOOOOOORING. Aside from the 10 he’s been doing this same run for about 6 years. You’ve got a G23. Take that r2r you’ve been doing since 2004 to a mobe. Jeez. Step up or get out of the way.

  7. Jamie Says:


  8. Jamie Says:

    and how can you say the double up at 2:13 is boring?

  9. Roco Says:

    what’s wrong with butts, boobs and boats???

  11. Ryan Says:

    Yea Jon, Your right, that was soooooooooooo awful. That so called same run that he has been doing for six years managed to give him a G23, signature board, magazine covers, hot chicks and probably an all around awesome life. Yea that’s gotta suck

  12. Jason Says:

    I love everything about this video.

  14. WOW Says:

    Can’t stop watching it!

  15. Bleezy Says:

    This edit’s got style. Damn near everything is grabbed, and you can tell he’s just out there to have fun. “jon” must be ‘tarded…

  16. The Truth Says:

    Best edit of the year!

  17. Yup Says:

    Hot girls, Hot Boat, Insane riding…. What else can you ask for?

  18. boom Says:

    CAB 1080 was insane you can count on one hand riders abble to do that. legit spins on the kicker too ! great all around web video.

  19. Steve Says:

    Don’t forget it was a Nose Grab 1080…. So awesome.

  20. Trever Maur Says:


  21. Colin Says:

    I’m smiling and I really wanna go ride now…awesome vid

  22. jon Says:

    Didn’t say it was awful. Just that it was boring. For a guy who has been gifted a G23, a signature board, a Fox sponsorship, etc., it wasn’t that impressive. Again, 1080, woo-hoo! Roll to blind! Sure, that was nice. But come on guys. Let’s be for real. What impressed you so much in that video? The dark headed girl with the bangin’ body? Che-yeah! The booty shot at the beginning? Boom!

    Honestly – what about that is different than his riding from three, four, five or even six years ago? Again – not much. Maybe the ladies?! Which is why you will simply call me a “tard” and other names rather than give an honest critique to the riding from a guy representing our sport at the highest level.

    Not surprised but you all deserved a response. Carry on with the continued support of mediocre riding at the “pro” level.

  23. Devon Says:

    Jon you just need some love. Vid was dope!!!!!

  24. Mark Griffin Says:

    Hey Jon, I guess you have pretty high standards, that was amazing for me. That clean nose grab 1080’s was one of the best spins Ive ever seen. Plus all Jimmy just has a real nice all around style on all his tricks, the roll blind off the double was killer

  25. Dylan Says:

    That roll to blind of the double up was one of the sickest things I’ve seen this year in Wakeboarding. so tweaked out. you killed it Jim!

  26. Sick Says:

    Sick edit for sure. Not sure why more pros don’t put out a seasonal edit when they aren’t signed up for a full length film. Get your sponsors to pay for a filmer/editor (or even use your own coin) and put out videos such as this. Snowboarders have been going that route the last few years with some good results (eero ettalla, jp walker/simon chamberlin project, devun walsh/ikka backstrom, ETC). Its a great way for non contest riders to get their riding out there, or for contest riders to prove they do more than a contest pass. They are already out riding so why not have someone there to document? Look at Raph, he was injured so he stayed in Canada on his 2.0 and won web edit of the year. A year where he would have had 0 coverage turned out to be the turning point in his career with the help of his buddies filming and a some rail dominance.

  27. Jerry Sandusky Says:

    jon…. who cares if he does some of the same tricks he did years ago… hes got style and made a video clearly with the objective of showing how to have a good time. even if his riding didnt progress for 4 more years it would still be awesome to watch…. get a clue


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