So, what do I have to say that you want to hear … how many of you know that Gregg Necrason is my landlord? Well, for the ones that care, he is. Yesterday Gregg asked me to pick my place up for an appraisal. So the lady showed up and walked through and really loved the work that Gregg has done to the ceiling and walls, and she was really into the place ’cause it has AC. So Gregg showed up after her and I showed him a magazine called Ready Made and then we figured out what was wrong with my refrigerator door. The screws came out at the bottom. We moved onto the front door of the place and tried to see why the front door is always sticking. I’ve got to re-adjust the door knob or spray it down with some WD 40. So there’s the inside into how Gregg and I figure stuff out — we investigate and then make it pop and lock. Merry Christmas.