Clint Tompkins Kick-Flipped his way to Victory at 3rd Annual Jam at the Garden

The lone wakeskater, Clint Tompkins, took top honors and $1,000 cash at the 3rd Annual Jam at the Garden Wakeboard Rail Jam in Lubbock, Texas.  After several attempts in the finals, Clint stomped a kickflip to back board on the Step Up Productions fun box to beat out Tom Fooshee, Gabe Lucas, and Lucas Snider in the final jam session.
The event took place on Saturday, June 20th on Buddy Holly Avenue in Lubbock’s Lower depot entertainment district. An enthusiastic crowd lined the street to watch some of the top wakeboarders in Texas (and the lone wakeskater) throw down in their best stuff in a Best Trick format.
The jam session was turned into an air show by Hyperlite Australian team rider Scotty Mackey over the Riptank Boardshop big air kicker.  Scotty sent up one moon-shot after another in a crowd pleasing display that had everyone on their feet.  Scotty was boosting too big for the landing pool and struggled to ride anything out.  Gator Boards team rider Lucas Snider took notice of the kicker as well, sticking a smooth backside Indy 180 and a scarecrow that looked like it was headed for the street.  Snider was solid on every obstacle and landed the most moves out of all the riders and cruised into the finals.  CWB’s Gabe Lucas focused on a backside 270 transfer to the rooftop rail for the majority of first jam session, which if landed would have been in contention for best trick.  With time running short Gabe took to the kicker and stuck a well grabbed indy tantrum followed up by some smooth transfer lines to secure his spot in the finals.  Tom Fooshee landed a mix of tech transfers including an impossibly casual frontside 270 to get to the finals.  Cody Johnson (Ronix) matched Tom’s transfers, but Tom’s smooth style put him ahead of Cody.  Taylor Knight put on a great display of smooth presses on the roof top rail, but passed up the big air and sketchy landings of the kicker in favor of a more stylish approach.   
After the wakeboarding action the crowd was treated to some great live music in the streets headlined by Dallas rockers – Bowling for Soup.
The Jam at the Garden was made possible with support from Gene Messer Scion, Bud Light, Landshark Lager, Family Power Sports, Riptank Board Shop and the host venue…The Beer Garden. Media partners include Alliance Wakeboard Magazine,, and