January 9th, 2014 by Submitted

Cody Johnson and Keith Holley take a few laps around Hydros Wake Park. ***ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET AND HELMET WHILE RIDING AT THE PARK***

Video from: Max Fuerst Films

17 Responses to “Cody Johnson and Keith Holley at Hydros”

  1. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Nice boys! Killing it

  2. RealTalk Says:

    That was cool

  3. Woody Says:

    Hell yeah!

  4. boomsmack Says:

    woah that was like the best cable riding ive ever seen

  5. bro Says:

    I wonder if keith realizes that he’s doing a 230 on slide into nosepress and not a 3 on hah. Song sucked too. Cmon guys.

  6. Cody Johnson Says:

    HaHaHa!!!! Thanks guys just a fun little winter edit to help keep us motivated through this COLD ASS winter HaHa! Obviously not going for EPICNESS just having fun! Have a good winter everyone! Can’t wait for summer!

  7. dylan miller Says:

    cody you looked pretty fucking epic when you whipped around that 5 on the rail. I mean im a vegan and I would of eatin at least one cheese burger before I could whip it that heavy! #whip it like kunta kinta pow pow. zeach you later boyzzzzzz

  8. john deere Says:

    you guys are so hot right now!

  9. harley clifford Says:

    john deere you can shut the hell up

  10. Mark DeVelde Says:

    stoked to see you guys slaying it … like a boss! sick edit too

  11. France Login Says:

    Epic riding… sick tricks
    But what was that at 2:20 there was no helmet… so much for ALWAYS WEAR HELMET & VEST…

  12. blue elf 23 Says:

    Cody johnson >>> John Deere (queer)

  13. shredforces Says:

    killt it

  14. Igor Pastuszek Boito Says:

    What is the last trick?

  15. buddy Says:

    looking pretty fun dudes

  16. zane Says:

    Its a Slurpee !

  17. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    looked like so much fun!


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