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As cable parks in the US keep popping up so does the talent. Cole Vanthof is a prime example. Enjoy a few laps with Cole at Terminus Wake Park in Atlanta, GA.

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11 Responses to “Cole Vanthof session at Terminus”

  2. dmnd Says:

    Sick Brah!

  3. J-roc Says:

    Erraerra reeeet

  4. knowmsayn Says:


  5. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Double Flip??? jk. ….. maybe the best terminus edit so far.

  6. Steve French Says:

    Meow muh meow meow muh meow

  7. wakeboarder Says:

    killed it

  8. urkel Says:

    splashin all the thotties

  9. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    So sick! #nailedit

  11. Calvin Miller Says:

    killin it


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