ASU Team of the Year

When you think of ASU, one of the first things that come to your mind is how they are ranked number one for the hottest girls in the nation.   What you may not know, is that Arizona State University is also ranked number one in the Nation.  More importantly though, Empire Wake has now named ASU the Team of the Year for 2011.

What makes them team of the year?

Perhaps their tip they took to Tampa and Orlando, Florida could help paint the picture for you.  13 Wake Devils flew into Tampa and visited McCormick’s and OWC, as well as placing 2nd at the Tampa, Florida stop for the Collegiate Wake Series.  All 13 of them, along with 13 board bags, crammed into a 15 person shuttle van and traveled all over Florida wakeboarding and having the time of their lives.  To make the trip even more memorable, the day they went to OWC, one of the riders was lucky enough to get food poisoning from eating at Crazy Buffet and paid the price by puking all day at the park.  “He even got the opportunity to puke in front of Dallas Friday and Aaron Rathy!” said R.J Pabon.

Memories like that are ones that make the Wake Devils more like a family than a team.  They even have their own private facebook group that helps with planning and keeping in touch.  They hang out together all the time.  The party they threw in celebration of being first in the nation only can help prove to why this team deserves team of the year.

The Wake Devils are not about to slow down either.  2012 is going to be a strong year for them.  They are eager to recruit new members that love the sport as much as they do.  “Wakeboarding is hands down the best sport out there and we are just trying to find a great group of people who can all share this passion”.

Ryan Platt and RJ Pabon have been the major leaders of the team.  Starting the team back up last year, Ryan has put in a great amount of time and effort.  However, the whole team has also stepped up a lot with finding sponsors, recruiting new members, raising money, and most importantly, allowing the team to shred behind their parents boat.

Another reason why they are team of the year is their dedication to the Collegiate Wake Series.  They are organized and always getting things done on time.  This commitment and determination allowed them to attend 2 regional competitions in fall.  “We also want to expand into the new developing Collegiate Cable Tour” said Ryan Platt.  This is a team that we will be seeing at multiple events a lot more in the future, and we are glad to have them!

Congratulations to the Arizona State Wake Devils for being the 2012 Collegiate Team of the Year!