Collegiate Wake Series Portland

The five western regional teams converged on Portland Oregon to claim their spots in Empire Wake’s Collegiate Wake Series Championships in April. The 2 new teams, Washington State and Central Washington had to prove that they belonged, while Long Beach State and the University of Oregon tried to get a second invite to the dance.

It was Chico State with the largest chip on their shoulder. After a rough showing in the final 4 last season leaving them fourth overall, they wanted to prove they were better then that, and that they did! Chico St. Riders placed in every single division, winning 3 and taking all spots in open.

Rider Travis Conley, last years president, won both intermediate and wakeskate while Travis Briscoe took the day with the win in Open It was Danni Patriatis that received the standing ovation from all teams as she threw down a near perfect run in advanced beating out the boys. Her pass was loaded with a scarecrow, roll to revert front 3 and an array of other stylish, clean poked out grabs and spins. She only fell at the end of her pass.

Central Washington and Washington State battled it out for 2nd and 3rd. They had to go deep into their lineup to pull out the wins. Although Washington State didn’t podium a rider, they scored high enough as a team to claim 3rd and make Central Washington sweat it out.

It was a perfect day for an event in downtown Portland. Active Watersports and Red Bull really brought the event together and made it an amazing day. Big thanks to, Smith Optics, Cobian Sandals, Pro Tec Helmets, and Launch Gum for supporting the entire 2010 series. We will be seeing them at all the stops offering great prizes for the riders to take home.

Please check out for all the details and current rankings.

Individual Winners:
1. Travis Briscoe (Chico St)

2. Rob Way (Chico St)

3. Brandon Hassfeld (Chico St)

1. Danni Patriatis (Long Beach St)

2. Kent Hartwich (Long Beach St)

3. Micheal Imobersteg (Chico St)


1. Travis Conley (Chico St)

2. Andrew Roberts (Chico St)

3. Kelly Clineletter (Central Washington)

1. Maddison Luell (Oregon)

2. Laura McNary (Oregon)

3. Jordan Raber (Chico St)

1. Patrick Mahoney (Central Washington)

2. Tyler Gainous (Chico St)

3. Stephen Moffitt (Central Washington)