It’s another step in the right direction for college wakeboarding. is where all schools can now check to find out everything going on across the country.
Not only is the series details listed, but other supported events from clubs such as University of Texas, and University of Louisiana.

“Empire Wake is dedicated to bring unity and a new governing body to the sport. This site is the best way to accomplish that,” says Rob Mendieta the president of the Collegiate Wake Series. “You can find everything from how to start a club, to fundraising, to contact info of all the schools registered with us.”

The site will continue to grow as schools join. Every team gets a page dedicated to their club to help them get recognized. This is also a resource to sponsors and other clubs to be able to contact each other. “It has been a long time since college wakeboarding has seen organization. When I contacted the schools who are helping put this all together, it was the number 1 complaint,” continued Mendieta.

Check out the site, and check back often. It will be updated weekly and as more details get secured.  Schools are registering now, and submitting their info for their own pages. The season is going to be amazing, don’t miss out!!