December 18th, 2012 by pressrelease

Each year a team is selected to receive the award of Collegiate Wakeboard Team of the year. A lot goes into what defines this great award. It isn’t about being number 1 in the nation, or winning every event. It is about teamwork, comradery, and organization. It takes a strong leader as well as a team willing to work together for the greater good of the group.

This year the award goes to a team who was once a mighty force in the college wakeboard world. Due to nature and unforeseen circumstances the team started to fall apart. With the loss of their lake, they competed less and started to break apart.

It took a new President and hard work to bring this team back to the lime light of the top teams. However, the team didn’t come back as it was once before, but stronger, closer and more organized.

Here at Empire Wake we have seen leaps of improvement on all levels of this team.  It has caught out eye and after looking closer into the club we are proud to present the award to the 2012 Collegiate Wakeboard Team of the year to:

Florida State University!

The team will be awarded a trophy and prizes during the College Wakeboard Championships in Las Vegas Nevada.

3 Responses to “Collegiate Wake Team of the Year”

  1. Adam Says:

    Congrats from VT- you guys are super cool and definitely deserve it

  3. Mason Masters Says:

    Congrats guys, proud to know that I was president when we were a “mighty force in the college wakeboard world”.

    Also very proud to know the kids that we left it with when we graduated, even facing adversity, with low lake levels and whatnot have kept the legacy going!

    Kudos to all Collegiate Wakeboarding! love you guys maybe see you in vegas??


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