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Last fall, our team trip to Colorado ended in a cloudy haze. Naturally, all our footage disappeared. But now that the smoke has cleared, we were able to track down and compile the lost footage. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these trimmed and procured Colorado nuggets.

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6 Responses to “Colorado Haze with Humanoid Wake”

  1. coloRADo Says:

    Nice. More Tino please!

  2. Jeremy Says:


  3. Nick Deeeeez Says:

    First track is ‘Speak to the Wind’ by Spindrift.

    Second track is ‘Gotta Have It’ by The Heavy

  4. illtypemoves Says:

    did i just hear that humanoid is going to start production on a pipe that also can be ridden on water? ID HIT IT

  5. rayfink Says:

    we get it humanoid marijuana’s cool but it could have played part in losing your footage…. excuses, but for real though its “dope” seen footy of the humanoid team

  6. Steve Says:

    damn step up pvc tube is heavy


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