Toeside backside 180 nose grab rewind w/ Daniel Grant

 Daniel Grant has been turning heads recently with how much he has been turning on his own. Wakeboarding is unique from other boardsports because the handle allows riders to rewind a spin — spin one way initially then stop that rotation and spin back the other. Daniel has a variety of these moves that can be hard to identify in person because he spins so quickly, but slow them down in video and your mind is guaranteed to melt and pour out of your ear. Plus, he manages to get a solid grab and poke in almost all of them. We had him show us a more basic backside 180 rewind 180 so you guys can work on them on your own.

Click the top left image to view full sequence by Garrett Cortese


Step 1: The Approach
You want to approach the kicker with the handle in your hip, really tight into your hip. The further away you keep the handle the harder it will be to rewind the spin.


Step 2: 180 #1
I actually start to pass the handle behind my back while I’m going up the kicker. Keep it close to your back and back hip the whole way. This allows you to spin the backside 180, get the grab, and initiate the rewind much easier. After you’ve passed the handle you’ll do the backside 180 very easily.


Step 3: Grab
After the handle pass your front hand will be free and can immediately reach for a grab. On this trick I grab the nose and poke with my back foot (so it looks like a switch tail grab poke). Just bring your nose up to your front hand and get a solid grab. Still keep the handle close to your hip. You can also start to spot your landing from this position before you initiate the rewind.


Step 4: Rewind
The grab and poke will help you slow your rotation with the backside 180. With the handle in front of you and close to your hip, start pulling it to the small of your back and spinning your head back behind you to initiate the rewind. The tighter you have the handle in the beginning the easier it is to initiate. Don’t let the handle out when you do the first 180!


Step 5: Land
The landing is a lot like doing a switch backside 180 off the kicker. Keep the handle in tight to complete the rotation, spot the landing and keep your chest over your toes so you don’t slip out on your heels (the handle will be behind your back because of the rewind spin, so it can be easy to get pulled over your heels and slip out).


The Keys:
There is only one key to this trick: keep the handle tight!