December 16th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

Phil Soven is no stranger to the list of wakeboard tricks so in this edition of Come Correct he walks us through a Melon Roll to Revert. Check it out!

12 Responses to “Come Correct: Melon Roll to Revert with Phil Soven”

  1. Tony DiMatta Says:

    Great trick, but these videos really are worthless from an instruction standpoint.

    Keep a progressive edge, do a flip, and then spot your landing. Ok, pro wakeboarder, I’m on it.

    Next time, let’s watch the pro actually teach the trick to an amateur. Let’s watch him fall and watch the pro correct his mistakes, since they’re probably the same mistakes we’re going to be making.

  2. joe biden Says:

    Too bad nobody likes Phill Soven because he is a DIIICK.

  3. That doode Says:

    ^Cunt one and Cunt two…

  4. boomsmack Says:

    I agree with Tony. I can do a roll to revert no problem but I cant seem to get the grab, that’s the hardest part I think

  5. kyle Says:

    phil didn’t seem exactly stoked to be doing this. I think they are generally pretty helpful

  6. Chris Duke Says:

    Phil is most definitely not a dick. Do you believe everything you see on MTV?

  8. Rock Says:

    Love or hate em, dude can rip!

  9. Josh Says:

    Idk the time I met Phil he was honestly super nice. I had read a ton of shit on wakeworld about him being a dick but he ended up being very nice and humble. If you’ve had a bad experience with him then you can talk, if not stop portraying him as some prick. The kid went pro at an early age, killed/kills the contest scene, had a tv show, and is also recently killing it at free riding… Cut him a break until you know him.

  10. Jamie Says:

    What helped me get the melon grab was over emphasizing the kicking motion backward like your trying to do a a butt kick and the board just falls into your hands.

  11. Jamie Says:

    Also, don’t throw the roll right off the wake. Get the straight up pop, grab, then throw the roll.

  12. Kyle Woehler Says:

    I think Lidberg made Phil sign a steeze incentive contract, cuz his riding has been a lot better to watch since getting on CTRL.


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