Switch method w/ JD Webb

We at Alliance have long been big proponents of the method – often times calling it a move in and of itself, rather than just a grab. The method is not easy to pull off, but when done properly nothing looks quite like it. It is visually simple, but it shows a lot in terms of style, control, and general bad-assery when it comes to riding your board. JD Webb can not only do a killer method, he can also do it switch (and his switch method is better than a lot of pros’ regular ones). Read on for some pointers – and if you’re not ready to tackle the switch method, just use these tips for your regular method.

jdwebb_switch method - taylor

If you’re doing this switch, you’ve got some skills… Photo: Ryan Taylor

Edging into the wake
You don’t have to take a big cut at the wake to do a good method, you just want to get a good vertical pop. Get a solid progressive edge all the way up the wake and keep the handle in close as you are edging in.



The pop
Give a solid pop off the wake with both legs while simultaneously giving a tug on the handle into your belly. You don’t want too much slack because the handle could get jerked away from you, but you don’t want too much tension either because your method will turn into a glide. Think about keeping your chest up as you pop off the wake.



The grab
The key to getting a good method is kicking your back leg around so the bottom of the board is showing to the boat. It helps to push the handle over toward your front hip (which is also twisting toward the handle some as you push the board around). Keeping the handle tight and right in next to your body will help you stay in control and in a solid position throughout the trick. You want to keep your chest/head up the whole way through – don’t let your hips and legs start to glide away from you. As soon as you kick the board around you can reach between your feet and hold the grab. As you get better and have more handle control you’ll be able to push your back foot around farther and you can either poke it or your front leg depending on which you prefer.





The landing
As with any wake jump just spot your landing and extend your legs to help absorb some of the impact. Be sure to keep the rope in close the whole way to help you control the landing and not accidentally do a 180 or slip out.






Sequence: Cortese

The keys
Switch wake jumps and switch melan grabs are good tricks to work on leading up to the switch method. Having a good regular method will help you understand the physics and body position involved to learn to do it switch. Honestly I’ve spent more time learning and perfecting a switch method than I have some of the “hardest” tricks I can do. This one isn’t easy, but it’s fun as hell and it’s definitely one of my favorite tricks.