May 23rd, 2013 by Spencer Norris

In this edition of Come Correct, Trever Maur walks us through how to do a Nose Press

14 Responses to “Come Correct: Trever Maur – Nose Press”

  1. hmm Says:

    seriously? i thought this was an awesome video.

  2. Dustin Says:

    Seriously! Lets see your nose press before you go hating on my boy trevers style!!! Oh that’s right your not on here! Troll!

  3. Justin H. Says:

    It was a good video and it was shot out at Bethy Creek. I’ve made a few laps there.

    He did fail to mention pushing the handle down toward the nose of the board. I think that is key to a good nose press. It really helps get the pressure forward and off your feet.

  4. login Says:


  5. W3ST SID3 Says:

    But we can definately say were not impressed with any homos pressing there nose into there keyboard instead of actually riding. Get a life

  6. dudeman Says:

    sickest 50-50 in the game

  7. Agree with Seriously? Says:

    Yea thats not very pressed at all. He’s not leaning far enough over the front and doesn’t have the handle low enough either. Not a good example in my opinion. I agree with “Seriously?” watch Raph.

  8. Majority Rules Says:

    NEWS FLASH!!!!!! Marc Rossiter, Raph Derome, Kevin Henshaw and Clay Fletcher just jumped off a 20 story building after watching this!

  9. Not serious Says:

    2 much shit about this, seriously? Should go press his nose in raph derome dick and stop hoarding his mommas internet

  10. James Rock Says:

    Idk why people have to take their opinions so seriously. It was a fun video someone made and it was cool watching it. Jesus, so the man doesn’t have the best nose press to impress you guys, he still rips harder than me and I can still take away positives from the video. Let’s try to keep a more positive attitude to the sport and maybe there won’t be such tension.

  11. VAlove Says:

    hellz 2 the yeah sickest 50 50! if you dont like this dudes nose press, go check out dub monday #10 for trever, so rad..along with BASS

  12. Ok Says:

    It wasn’t that bad, his tips will come in handy for a lot of beginner riders, good work!

  13. matt Says:

    Bethy creek resort! get your lean on

  14. connor Says:

    to all the haters.. he’s also not on a flex board or hybrid which makes it a thousand times easier


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