November 5th, 2013 by garrettcortese

From the August/September issue of Alliance, Brian Grubb shows you how to do a wrapped toeside backside 180 with a nose grab.

Photos: Garrett Cortese


1. Edging in wrapped

For the wrapped toeside backside 180 you want to feel all your pull coming into the wake from the wrap handle. There is almost no tension on the hand that’s on the main handle. By having all the pull come from wrap handle it is easy to hold your edge up the wake and start the spin at the right time. You want to take a progressive cut into the wake where you’re building speed into the wake and most importantly you hold your edge all the way up to the top of the wake.


2. Popping off the wake

The pop you get off the wake is the most important part of the whole trick. If you do this right you can just hold on and let the rope unwrap you. As I’m edging up the wake I am pulling in on the wrap handle to initiate the spin and holding my line up the face so I know I have enough speed to clear the other wake. Also keep your front shoulder turned away from the boat when edging in and as you come off the wake let your knees start to come up into your chest.


3. Getting the grab

Grabbing this trick is where you can really make this trick your own. Since you’re basically unwrapping in the air you have lots of time to grab your board. As soon as you let go of the wrap handle off the wake you should be going for the grab. Don’t reach down for the board, let the board come up to your hand as your knees come into your chest. Nose is probably a good one to start with but melan and mute are fun too.


4. Rotating backside 180

The rope is doing most of the work on this trick because it is unwrapping you, but you do need to have good position in the air to keep the board on your feet. The most important part of the 180 is keeping your hand holding the main handle close to your body. The boat is trying to pull you out of position so keep that arm down low and in toward your body. As you come around for the landing let go of the grab and use that hand for balance. Try to keep a slight bend in your arm that’s holding the handle. That will prevent you from getting pulled out the front on the landing.


5. Landing

If you get a good take off and have enough speed to clear the wake then the landing should be pretty easy. Try to keep your body over your board and keep that handle close to you. Bend your knees to absorb the landing and ride away clean.


Three keys to landing this trick

1. A good takeoff by holding your edge all the way up the wake and pulling in on the wrap handle to initiate the spin off the top

2. Let the board come up to your hand for the grab

3. Keep the hand holding the main handle close to your body so you don’t get pulled out the front

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