Everybody was stoked to see Manzari back on the water with a smile on his face

Matt Manzari’s horrific crash at the Byerly Toe Jam boat event in April had everybody in wakeskating worried. We were all beyond thankful that Matt was alive and didn’t suffer any seriously long-term injuries, but nobody knew just how long he would be away from the sport or how he’d be able to ride again once he stepped back on his board. Matt knew it was all going to be just fine though. He was more determined than most realized to come back as soon as possible and stronger than possible. He did just that by making the six man super final at the last stop of the Wakeskate Tour. It goes without saying that Matt is the Comeback of the Year for 2012.


Matt missed out on competing at Battle Falls because of his injury, but he’s been doing some serious work there now that he’s back on the water. Photo: Jason Lee