Wakeboarding has some pretty good comeback stories. Look at all the people who have come back over the years: Darin Shapiro — broke his ankle in the late 90’s and was told he’d never ride again. Won a few million contests after that. Gator — Walked away from the sport in 1999 or 2000, then came back to start a succesful board company. Randall Harris — Had a ton of success as a teen, got jaded, sidetracked, but now is fully recommitted to the sport and probably will be the most exciting rider to watch in the next year or two. Dallas Friday — Swears she is not slowing down one bit after a near-death experience this past month. Shaun Murray — He’s been coming back from injuries for years now, and everytime he does he rides just as well as he always has. He is probably the toughest guy in wakeboarding. Scott Byerly — Not really a comeback, but it’s just good to know that he never leaves. Cue emotional music. Cry.