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Adam Wensink shows us why growing up in Ohio hasn’t stopped him from taking his riding to the next level. Wakeskater, Jake Ramsdell, shows us why he is on the rise and has the skills to back it up.
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19 Responses to “Coming Up: Wakin Up in Ohio”

  1. Steve Says:

    Legit riding by adam, getting me stoked to progress!

  2. Guenther Says:

    Where do you guys ride?

  3. Ricketts Says:

    what a nice breath of fresh air

  4. Andy Says:

    good to see someone having fun

  5. Bryan Midlik Says:

    This should be on Skate as well

  6. Gnarduar Says:

    sick riding and edit. keep it up guys

  7. JP Says:

    Where is the 17 minute intro? What about the dubstep?

    Alliance and wakeboarding in general needs more content like this

  8. FlipDSK Says:

    Wish I was stuck with a G23

  9. TheSpangler Says:

    Superman Frontroll so sick!

  10. Logout Says:

    Sweet! Loved the vid. That was cool, more please

  11. nboville Says:

    Great Video!! Wensink is such a great guy! Such a solid rider with a great outlook on life and a killer personality! and Ramsdell needs more love!

  12. Daniel Says:

    woow nice video !!! this guys knows the meaning of wakeboarding !
    by the way sick frontroll a the 0:40 im gonna try it !

  13. Daniel M Says:

    woow nice video !!! this guys knows the meaning of wakeboarding !
    by the way the coolest frontroll i’ve ever seen at 0:40 im gonna try it !

  14. chad Says:

    Shane did those toe frontrolls in 12 honkeys. Nice to see someone keeping them alive

  15. Aunt Barb Says:

    So proud of all your accomplishments Adam. Great video too.

  16. bro Says:

    awesome vid

  17. Jeff Says:

    sick vid, represent the midwest!

  18. Jon Says:

    Adam is the man. Keep shreddin

  19. Alden Says:

    Adam lives the dream year round!


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