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The international invasion keeps growing. Swedish rider William Klang is on his way up with riding like this. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “Coming Up: William Klang”

  1. FranceLogin Says:


  2. Wesley Jacobsen Says:

    Style for Miles

  3. real talk Says:

    so dope

  4. colby m Says:


  5. wow Says:

    Finally someone from Sweden has something figured out that breddas don’t… style

    edit is sick

  6. Alex Graydon Says:

    Nice riding bud. Enjoyed it

  7. craig mcmorris Says:

    Breddas are the worst things to hit wakeboarding since AJ Racinelli

  8. Austin Says:

    So much style, I Had to watch it a few times ! Props !

  9. Justin H. Says:

    William can ride. I’ve ridden boat and cable with all of the Swedish crew and I was most impressed by the brotherhood and desire to push the sport they shared.

    Craig, please explain the difference between a double/Triple cork and that goofy freestyle flippy-spinny stuff that has been in olympic skiing forever? If you can accept that snowboarding is going that direction, why can’t you accept where the Breddas are taking wake boarding?


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