MARYVILLE, TN (January 26, 2009) ~ Supra’s website makes it easy to do your research before your local boat show. Not only can you view color options, graphics, interior features to customize and price your Supra; but you can also compare all eight Supra models together on one page.  In addition, check out the 2009 Competitive Wake Comparison where Supra’s wake takes on the competition.

So how do you know which boat fits your family needs best?  Start with Supra’s Compare Boats web page at  Compare the difference between all eight Supra models available.  Find out which model fits your family’s needs best.  Will it be a Sunsport or a Launch model?  Do you need a 20’ boat, 21’, 22’ or a 24’ boat?  Do the research before the show by comparing the length, engine, ballast and passenger capacity of all eight Supra models together on one page.  Find out which model has the space, features and wake that will grow with your family.

If the wake is something important to you, be sure to check out the wake videos provided in the detail pages for each model.  This feature provides two videos and two photographs of each model’s wake from two different view points.  You should also study the 2009 Competitive Wake Comparison, recently featured in WaterSki magazines 2009 Boat Buyers Guide, where Supra’s wake takes on the competition, wake to wake.  To view, go to

Once you have an idea of which boat will suit your family’s needs, select the model of your choice and go to color options to design your boat.  This feature allows users to visualize the different patterns, gel coat colors and graphics available on the model of their choice.

Now, that you have done your home work, go to
to customize and price your Supra before the boat show.  This feature will allow you to select your graphics, audio and appearance package, as well as the engine, prop, trailer and other available options so that you can customize and price the boat the way you want it.  Click submit to view the itemized cost for your added options and total MSRP.  To get a better deal, go to your local dealers boat show.  Aggressive dealer promotions in conjunction with Supra’s incredible factory boat show savings program (Pick 5 for $495) has proven to be the best deal of the decade and is only available at your local boat show. Locate your nearest Supra dealer’s boat show at

Skier’s Choice, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of performance inboard wakeboard and water-ski towboats under brand names Supra and Moomba.  Supra has been a leader in the inboard industry since 1980 and is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance.  Moomba is a value-oriented brand that offers significant savings yet delivers performance and reliability equal to or better than other inboard brands.  Skier’s Choice sponsors the WWA World Wakeboard Championships, BROStock, EuroBro, IINT and NWL amateur events.  Located in Maryville, Tenn., the company is closely held.  For more information, please visit, or