“Dont Mess with Texas” is quite a popular saying, and now we know why. Davis Griffin keeping the streets of  Athens in check. photo: Soderlind


When I wake up in the morning I head straight for…the lower half of my body for some itchin and scratching, then I get out of the van and hunt for coffee or tea.


Wakeskating is soo…Hesh. My newest favorite rider is that French kid Clement Depromonville. He’s so hesh that when he got suspended from school for 4 days, he asked for 8 and turned it into a Philipinno vacation.


If Alliance gave me a check for 10K I would…blow it ll on useless upgrades for my  motorcycle, and, uh, half to charity of course.


I can’t believe that the governor L-RAY…flew Shredtown to the Philipinnes for two weeks to shoot a video at his cable parks. CWC is the sickest. We took over the park for a week straight modifying the rails Shredtown style. Now we’re here at his new park “Republic” to keep the dream alive. The Gov is also a sick beer pong player by the way. Haha.

If you couldn’t already tell from the pic, Davis Griffin is HOT!  photo – Mo Lelii


One thing people don’t know about me…is that I graduated college and have also had several long term relationships with women.


When I see a blonde from the back the first thing I think is...damn Chris your cutoff’s are getting dangerously short these days.


Nothing good ever happens after…midnight, that’s what my mom used to tell me, unless you consider hanging out naked on the dock of CWC at 2 AM a good thing.


When I open the door of my car the first thing I smell is…I don’t have a car, or a door of a car, so luckily the only thing I smell when cruising is the great wide open. Fresh air mixed with a few bugs to the grill is worth it every time.


The last 5 websites I visited are…Alliancewake of course. Then there’s Helgasons, reddit, Shredtown to answer the funny and random questions we get and google when I’m doubting  the usual bs people state as fact.


The weirdest thing about skinny dipping is…That your Grubworm actually floats. Interesting and weird…