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Mikey Ennen: A man of many talents. Pic by Jason Lee.

Winters in Washington are rad because… Mt. Baker gets more snow than any place in the world which equals waist deep pow days. This gives me time off from wake which recharges me for the up coming season and keeps me on a board all year long.



Summers in Washington are rad because… of how beautiful this place is when the clouds lift. Washington summers are like no other place. We have lakes in every climate. High mountain lakes, desert lakes, rain forrest lakes, and the San Juan islands in the salt water. Choose your own adventure.



The best way to get the creative juices flowing is to… flip threw my sketch book and embrace Washington’s new law. I also get a lot of my ideas and inspiration from getting outside riding. From snowboarding in the mountains or wakeboarding on the Washington waterways.



My playlist for producing art consists of… the black keys channel on pandora. That station is super diverse it will pop up a song that you wouldn’t expect but they are always killer songs or artists.


The art process unfolds in front of our eyes as Mikey creates a piece for Mt. Baker’s legendary banked slalom.

My next big wake trip is… heading to Cali to winch, ride the delta, and the new cable in Sacramento. I’m so pumped to finally have a full cable park on the west coast! It’s going to help our west coast scene so much. Before this new park I would have to fly to FL to ride cable.



The last movie that made me cry was… probably Marley and me. Why would they make such a sad movie. Not going to lie it got a little emotional. I have a yellow lab named Rogue so it hit home.



With no cell or internet service for I week, I would probably… be house boating or in the mountains. That seems to be the only time I really get forced off the phone and the World Wide Web. It’s so enjoyable when you can’t get reception. I feel that I relax more.


 Which would you prefer: this or high speed internet?

Designing graphics for Slingshot has been… free, sling has let me be creative in whatever way I want to take it. It’s been refreshing to be the artist I want to be with no restrictions.



I never leave home for a trip without packing my… iPad. It’s a life saver on long flights especially if you get stuck some where. You have books, movies, and games right at your finger tips.



The best place to go for wakeboarding is… Lake Diablo or Lake Powell, it’s a toss up. They are both so beautiful and so colorful. Diablo is all hues of green and Powell is all hues of red. Pick your favorite Christmas color and go check out one of these lakes.



Doing snow graphics for Jeremy Jones was…  an honor to get the phone call from Jeremy saying he wanted me to work on the graphics with him. We dove into his passion and picked out certain moments that he loved while out in the mountains and turned them into graphics.