September 28th, 2009 by jeffmckee

James and the future Mrs. Candace Balzer

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Just spent the weekend with James Balzer and his future wife Candace McEwen. The couple engaged recently with plans to wed in Canada November 13th, 2009. I know what your thinking “Candy Balz?” yep, you heard it here first! Look out for the newlyweds to be back in the orlando area come springtime.

-Pics by Carly Currie

5 Responses to “Congratulations James Balzer!”

  1. Facebook User Says:

    awesome job james!

  2. duder Says:

    Married at 23? good luck.

  3. zip Says:

    Gratz BALZER :) all the best

  4. A Bos Says:

    Congrats man!

  5. Negativity Hater Says:

    “duder” appears to be feeling inferior. Just because it takes some guys until the age of 30 to grow up, doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone. James and Candace have just married – they definitely don’t need sh*t comments like yours with underlying sarcasm and doubt about their future. Put a sock in it.


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