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The Malibu Boats is pulling Malibu boating tips, news, video, photos and contact info mobile with a new iPhone App.

(Merced, CA) – Malibu Boats is providing up-to-the-minute water sports boating videos, photos and news on the water or off with the new Malibu iPhone app. This free mobile application gives users direct access to the Malibu Boats factories as well as the nearest Malibu dealer with one-click contact links and Google maps. Users can also learn about local water sports boating news and events and share photos that could be featured on Malibu’s family of web sites. You can even connect an iPhone or iPod Touch to the MaliView 6.5 color LCD Dash System and watch Malibu Boats videos on the boat with a bigger screen view.

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The Malibu Boats iPhone app “Home” screen is automatically populated with up-to-the-minute Malibu Boats news so you can stay in the know even when you’re on the go. The “Home” screen displays a list of Malibu Boats’ latest micro-news updates with links to additional information like images, videos and web sites. Links to the Malibu Boats Twitter feed can also be found on this screen. Scroll through updates on Team Malibu athletes, Malibu Boats events, blog post alerts, new video alerts and links to new photos uploaded to the Malibu Boats Flickr channel.

Send Malibu Boats your photos from any screen in this iPhone app. Touch the camera icon on the top right corner of any screen and share your boating photos with Malibu Boats. These submission may find their way on the Malibu Boats Blog, into a Malibu Flickr.com gallery, on the Malibu Boats Web Site or maybe even into the monthly Malibu Boats E-newsletter.

The “Media” screen offers searchable Malibu Boats multimedia content. Whether you’re looking for a specific Malibu Boats video, a particular gallery images or a detailed blog post, you’ll find it here. Let’s say you’re at the lake and need a quick refresher for loading your Malibu boat on the trailer. Que up the Malibu iPhone app, touch the “Media” button, choose the “tips” category, scroll to the Trailering video and bone-up on this skill. You’ll look like a pro at the launch ramp even if you just learned trailering on your iPhone. You can even connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the MaliView 6.5” Color LCD Dash System in your Malibu boat and learn boat tips, a new wakeboard move or just watch for fun on a bigger screen with a sound system.

The “Dealer” screen gives you the unique ability to call, email, web surf or get GPS directions to your nearest Malibu Boats dealer in one touch. In addition to these quick options for contact, your local dealer’s micro-news updates are available on this screen. Learn about dealership promotions, pro shop specials, local events, new digital content alerts and more. Touch the “Pricing” button in this section of the app and request a pricing quote on your Malibu boat of choice as well as request a value on your trade-in. The Malibu Boats iPhone puts your nearest dealership even when can’t be there.

Do you want this same kind of unprecedented access to the Malibu Boats factory? Here you go. The “ ContactUs” screen gives you the ability to call or email the factory with one touch. Choose to visit malibuboats.com or plan a trip to one of Malibu’s two manufacturing plants for a VIP tour. Touch the address for the Malibu Boats Tennessee or California factory and get instant Google directions to either destination. Touch the “Tour Request” button and do just that, make an appointment to take a tour at Malibu Boats. You can also request an e-brochure and sign-up for the Malibu Boats E-news form this screen.

Whether you’re looking to keep tabs on your favorite Team Malibu Pro Rider, plan for the next Malibu Boats event, visit your local dealer http://www.malibuboats.com/dealers , experience the 2010 boat models or learn to use the latest Malibu innovation, this app is worth the install.

About Malibu Boats: Build the best boat possible, give boat owners the best value and enjoy the workplace. Since Malibu Boats’ inception in 1982 the mission has been this simple. On the journey from building 100 custom ski boats a year in a small shop, to their standing as the world’s number one selling wakeboard and water ski boats, Malibu has become an exemplary American boat company.

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