As the editor of Alliance U.K., "The List" is the article I look forward to probably more than any other in the U.S. version of Alliance, as it's a fun way to reflect on the year gone by and to get an idea for what the future may hold. But this time around despite the good efforts of my colleagues Tony Smith and Jeff McKee, there was something in there that really got my back up and was the final straw in a chain of false truths within the wakeboarding world that needs setting straight.

I want to take this opportunity to let everyone around the world know that the 1080 club has a member that you may not know of, but one that should be in the list. Australian rider Mark Kenney was without doubt the best rider i've ever witnessed, and in 2001 while spending a season in Thorpe, England, I personally witnessed Kenney stomp three 1080's over the summer, just a fraction of the overall amount that this young ripper stuck while on our shores.

Don't get me wrong, Parks was the first and Danny and Rusty's are legit, but there was one young Aussie that could spin better than anybody in the industry to date, and the only reason you don't already know this besides Kenney's humble personality, is that he is sadly no longer around to defend his honor. So in memory of possibly the nicest and most sincere person i have ever met, i urge everyone to go back and correct the list of 1080 club members. Just because Mark is no longer with us does not mean that his outstanding achievements should go unnoticed. Rest in peace bro, we miss you more than you could ever know.