The weather in Orlando (all of Florida, actually) hasn’t been good the past month or so. I’ve done four wakeboarding/wakeskating photo shoots since January 20. That’s like one a week or something (I’m not sure, I’m not good with numbers, especially calendars). One way to get me really going crazy is to not be able to do good photo shoots because of weather. Other than sitting around and getting pissed at Mother Nature, though, here are some of the things I have been up to in the Sunshine State.
Ladies’ Day: I spent about six hours hanging out with Liquid Force/Maven team riders Melissa Marquardt, Stef Tor, Stephanie Walmsley, Bri Chmel, Kara Austin, and Courtney (?) to do some portrait/lifestyle shots. I’ve never been a fan of doing fashion photography type stuff, but these girls made it pretty fun. Whether it was riding a pair of motorized skateboards or eating chips and dip while watching Caddyshack, these girls know how to have fun.
Rathy Rides The Crap: Aaron Rathy is insane. It’s probably ‘cause he’s only 18 and doesn’t know any better. Being Canadian probably contributes to the insanity some, too. Despite the frigid Orlando temps and the howling wind, Rathy skinned it for a couple riding sessions out on Lake Hiawassee. Justin Stephens, Matty Swanson and I were all in the boat, and just watching Rathy was making us cold. Check out some more of Rathy in the next issue of Alliance.

Travis Dopp held a top-secret contest out at the Wakeboard Camp not too long ago and I came along to shoot the photos. It involved some pretty gnarly stunts, extreme coordination on the athletes’ parts, and of course, some serious comedy. Look for this little tournament in the next issue of Alliance.