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Check out the CWB Team killing it on their all new 2013 gear!

Check out the CWB Team killing it on their all new 2013 gear!

13 Responses to “CWB 2013 Team Shoot”

  1. Lineman WCC Says:

    Josh Twelker for style master of the world

  2. TJ Says:

    there are few that can do what mr. twelker can do.

  3. adam silcio Says:

    josh twelker rider of the year

  4. khorn Says:

    synchronized wakeboarding. newest sport. sweetttttt thats how were gonna get wakeboarding to the olympics!

  5. bro Says:

    Dowdys double grab cork should be move of the year!

  6. ???? Says:

    thought they had wakeskaters too?? guess not

  7. winch Says:

    I’d like to see more winching on alliance. I mean boat is alright but winching is just awesome in comparison

  8. Winch = Shit Says:

    Who wants to see Winching, its Shit

  9. winch Says:

    how? You don’t see skateboarders riding the half-pipe all day long, no they do stuff in the street. Boat riding is like doing only half pipe stuff when you could be hittin a concrete ledge down a dam.

  10. no Says:

    wakeboarding and skateboarding is apples and oranges my man. winching is boring to watch. fun to do though

  11. DUDE! Says:


  12. Wackhero Says:

    would like to see Gabe, Josh and Clay move on to a better board company

  13. Connor Says:

    Hey what is this song, it is pretty sick.


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