March 7th, 2014 by pressrelease

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CWB Board Co. and Velocity Island Park in Woodland, CA are excited to announce that they have signed a multiple year partnership to help grow the sport of wakeboarding in Northern California.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of Velocity Island Park, we have brought our dream to reality. VIP is looking forward to providing a cable park with amazing features, pristine park grounds to enjoy, along with great customer service and accommodations. We have joined forces with the CWB family and are extremely excited about it! We will be fully stocked with CWB products in our stocked pro shop & rental department as well. We will continue to add more accommodations as we go, just wait and see what we have up our sleeves!!!!! Velocity Island Park is going to bring a higher standard to the Cable Park scene.” –April Hartman, Vice President- Velocity Island Park

Located just north of Sacramento and immediately off I-5 Velocity Island Park’s state of the art wake park system will feature a Sesitec clockwise five point full size cable, two System 2.0’s, a pro shop and a full range of Unit Parktech rails for all skill levels and for both wakeboarding as well as wakeskating. This includes CWB and VIP pro team rider Kaesen Suyderhoud’s own signature rail from Unit Parktech. The site will also feature a 400 foot long sandy beach area with tropical cabanas for private & public parties. Velocity Island Park will be the perfect spot to enjoy watersports for the beginner all the way to the pro.

“CWB is extremely pleased to be teaming up with Velocity Island Park. We have a shared vision for pushing the sport in Northern California and partnering with VIP is the perfect step in that direction.” – Jay Quam, CWB VP of Sales & Marketing


4 Responses to “CWB Board Co. and Velocity Island Park Team Up”

  1. Michael Chester Says:

    Would there be an opportunity for wakeboard boat owners to volunteer their boats for the VIP wakeboarders to experience wakeboarding behind a boat up the road on the Sacramento River? It would be like a boaters club that would schedule trips to the river based upon a sign-up sheet. At least on set of parents might be needed with each excersion to the river if there are minors on board. It would be a great opportunity for the kids to advance to the next level of wakeboarding. Just a thought.


    Michael Chester
    Woodland, CA

  2. Clifton mccargar Says:

    Was wondering when you will have prices on all of the season passes and everything?

  3. Broc Schall Says:

    they have season pass info at the Sac Boat show. They have a table set up at the Wake Roots booth

  4. Candy Fogg Says:

    Can’t wait till you open. You need to put info on web for all to view. Want family passes !!!


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