In an effort to expand our rail team, CWB is excited about a deal made with Georgia hippie Clay Fletcher.  Clay is a fixture at The Projects in Orlando as where he operates the System 2.0, he is also a part of Cable Wake Parks.  Clay will be riding Gabe Lucas’s ABS edge slider board, the Vibe.  When asked about the Vibe, Clay mumbled something about pizza tacos and how the board was amazing.  We concur.  Many feel the Vibe is the first flex category board that excels on the wake as well as on the rails.  Clay seems to agree.  Look for Clay to make an appearance in many of CWB-TV’s episodes this season.  “Not only does he have a beard, he can play the banjo.  It’s a win-win.” Says team manager Steve Bates.  Keep your eyes to the web to catch Clay and Gabe on the cable tour as well as winch tour across the country.  Summer is just around the corner.  Prepare yourself.