May 14th, 2014 by Submitted

You read the title and now you’re here. Try watching this just one time. Daniel Grant going MASSIVE and paying the price. Lucky for him, and really for all of us, he walked away from this insane WAD.

Video from cyrus12321

7 Responses to “Daniel Grant – Big Air Crash”

  1. this guy Says:

    damnn son

  2. boomsmack Says:

    dude he was so high

  3. nick Says:

    how does he get that high?

  5. don't know Says:

    what’s that dude doing on the shore with his board still on?

  6. ryan Says:

    Shitting his pants is what he’s doing…

  7. Jay Says:

    they were having a competition to see who could make it further up the bank! ;)


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