November 16th, 2012 by Submitted

The kid 100% kills it. Even if you don’t like rail grabbing. You have to give it to him, He has fun on his board!

Artist: Breakaway
Song: At the World’s End
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7 Responses to “Daniel Grant Take Two”

  1. anferney Says:

    2:14. unreal.

  2. Hmmm Says:

    This song and edit is total crap. Why would you do this daniel?

  3. Adam Fields Says:

    that ole backside 9 was crazy!

  4. p_nugz Says:

    i just wanna speak some oriental language to mister grant and thank him for sharing this with the world…wait..english is still cool too

  5. dario Says:

    2:26 sick

  6. Novapull Says:

    I don’t normally post on websites but 2:26 was insane! This kid, i think, is the best in the world. IMO better then Raph better then Harley. All the rewind stuff he has come up with and he can wakeskate at a pro level too!!!

  7. Jimi Hendrix Says:

    what a terrible song!!!! way to blow an edit


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