April 1st, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Daniel Powers gets back in the states, and back in the swing of things.

24 Responses to “Daniel Powers Getting Ready”

  1. Jake Says:

    William H. Macy anyone?

  2. E40 Says:

    Someone tell him that hes not a rockstar and he will always be that rider that no one is routing for

  3. Julien Says:

    ^E40: wow, how constructive of you. DP happens to be a talented rider, with not only a solid bag of tricks, but also heaps of style. Furthermore, he doesn’t even act like he’s a rockstar, as he’s incredibly down to earth and super friendly. In short, you’re wrong because I’m definitely rooting for him.

  4. Name (required) Says:

    Yeah Dan! Killin it buddy!

  5. Tim F Says:

    Yeah DP killing it!! As for E40 you definatly haven’t ever met him, he is the most chilled guy i know and not stuck up at all. Willing to talk to anyone and help people out with their riding.

    Ride on DP

  6. Alex Says:

    E40 – c’mon man!

    Keep at it Dan! (even though i dont really know you! hah)

  7. pointless Says:

    Hearing these riders talk at the beginning of every single video is getting really, really annoying. They say the exact same thing every time.

  8. Zach Says:

    Its a pretty cool feeling when you can sense a little bit of a different riding style in somebody mixed with a nice, mellow song. Nice job guys! All the hating on riders seriously needs to stop. Why not be uplifting and encouraging towards the guys out there shredding and innovating the sport we all know and love?

  9. pointless Says:

    Zach.. This is whats wrong with the videos. You said it, “a little bit of a different riding style”. Who wants to see something a little bit different? Even that statement is a stretch. Keith is on point. The wakeboard community needs to see some thing VERY different, not a little bit. These really are the same tricks being done over and over and over. It gets repetitive, and repetitiveness gets boring.

  10. illtypemoves Says:

    with strength & honor, the flight will prevail

  11. Ryan Says:

    Maybe we should just get rid of the whole Internet video thing so we can go back to only seeing new footage from the 2 VHS videos that came out each year. Then everything would be fresh and new!

  12. Jacob_p Says:

    He really hasn’t learned anything new in the past 3+ years, but he still shreds better than probably everyone commenting on this video…

  13. Ian Smith Says:

    once u get to a certain level of riding, wakeboarding is no longer about how good you are. its about how well you can market your sponsors and generate revenue and exposure for them… DP may not be one of the very best riders out there, but he still does a pretty damn good job of keeping up with everyone else and if it allows him to do what he needs to do, then thats all that matters. everything else is just lame politics… like all the haters on here that cant ride for shit anyway

  14. Donald Says:

    E40>I must assume you are just ignorant and for that you must be excused. If you really understood this sport you might know that Daniel’s backside 7 IS new and that his toeside backside 5 with the rewind is less than a year old. I am also surprised at anyone who goes after a teenager who is chasing his dream and excelling at it as well. Please let us know where you work and maybe we can all come to your job and rate your performance. Rock on Daniel!!

  15. TC Says:

    Wow, lots of judgemental comments from haters that can’t do what they love for a living..

  16. Kendrick Lamar Says:

    Bitch don’t kill my vibe…

  17. Kimbo Slice Says:

    shake and bake Mr. Powers!

  18. tex Says:

    “same tricks…seen it…not progressive” blah blah blah! What do you think IS possible on a wakeboard? These guys have pretty much done it. Stop hating with your tantrum, scarecrow, raley. Next time someone bitches about these guys not being progressive, you should recommend something that would be progressive…it’s kind of tough to even think of a new move. Then when someone does almost kill themselves learning and landing a new move, one of you idiots says, “stop hucking and adding 180s”. You’re idiots…stop watching wakeboarding if you don’t like it

  19. illtypemoves Says:

    ****i think that was a switch back seven and any real rider around knows that shit took a hundred falls before stompage. PS please dont suggest getting rid of wake vids even if it is sarcasm!! haha
    but really, alliance & all da real nigguh beanz, i love you

  20. cam Says:

    Mr. Powers keep killing it brother!!!!!! Awesome style!

  21. Justin H. Says:

    I’m a fan.

  22. Josh Says:

    That video made me want to go wakeboard right now. Therefore, I deem it a success. Cool riding Daniel! Thanks!

  23. hagger Says:

    i just wanted to read the comments. didn’t bother watching the vid.

  24. Norbi V Says:

    Haters gonna hate keep doing your thing DP! Dudes not only rad he kills it


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