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Waking up early isn’t easy but it’s the life of a Pro Wakeboarder. Stephen Pierce, Tony Carroll, Adam Errington, and Jeff Langley took an early morning set with Alliance Wakeboard Magazine Editor Garrett Cortese. Here are a few clips from that morning shoot.

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15 Responses to “Dawn Patrol”

  2. Tunes Says:

    great edit. grab everything

  3. KB Says:

    awesome riding! song was brutal tho

  4. bobby Says:

    More of this needed!

  5. WMJ Says:

    Great riding, but why that song?

  6. Chew Says:

    Shredding. But the song tho

  7. Bill Dance Says:

    I would rather this video be put to Gangnam Style.

  8. boomsmack Says:

    great edit and riding. Jeff is seriously the best rider ever. I actually liked the song except for the part where it said boo

  9. Vads Says:

    Rob hollihan takin style from Jeff all time with that head band ear cover deal

  10. f Says:

    Pretty sure its a safety things for eardrumbs for robby’s case, not a style thing

  11. Cass Says:

    What about when he started wearing socks in his boots like Jeff ?

  12. some guy Says:


  13. haha Says:

    “Waking up early isn’t easy but it’s the life of a Pro Wakeboarder”

    What? It’s so easy…
    Not everyone is a lazy mother fucker!
    Sweet boot grabs!

  14. Jarret Franey Says:

    Being a pro wakeboarder is hard? It’s cute how rich 20-year-olds who’ve never cooked a hot meal or worked an 8-5 shift in their lives like to act like their lives are so hard.

  15. come on Says:

    ^check your meter man. clearly sarcasm


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