January 17th, 2013 by alliance

If Steel’s wakeboarding career doesn’t pan out he could easily go play basketball in asia somewhere… The final segment from a day in the life with Steel Lafferty.

7 Responses to “Day In The Life: Steel Lafferty Part 3”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Didn’t Park’s say do some double flips? I can’t; you’re a pro rider with an amazing boat, where were the attempts?

  2. smity Says:

    hahaha “ding dong ditch someone atleast”

  3. ahha Says:

    Preeeety boring life

  4. p_nugz Says:

    that was fuckin’ stupid, steele
    even ur filmer was like wtf

  5. Aaron Says:

    Wow Aluminum Lafferty thinks he’s way cooler than he really is…why don’t you try a double flip already!

  6. Keith Lidberg Says:

    Double Flips are so 1999! Baby blue for days! #favoriteroomateunder21 #gettingpaidtoNotdodoubleflips #afraidofthedark

  7. Charlton Says:

    everybody quit hatin on my boy Laff


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