September 2nd, 2010 by Patrick Wieland
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Ben Greenwood and Adam Fields go for a little pre- BROstock shred.

Make sure you check out all the action from BROstock on FUEL TV September 7th, at 8:30pm EST. The guys have been working hard to bring you an amazing show!

Ben Greenwood and Adam Fields go for a little pre- BROstock shred.
Make sure you check out all the action from BROstock on FUEL TV September 7th, at 8:30pm EST. The guys have been working hard to bring you an amazing show!

38 Responses to “Days Before BROstock: You Know I Like To BRO!”

  1. Dan Lay Says:

    So sick! It’s good to see Ben still shredding, Poke Master!

  2. RVCA Says:

    Ben is not the poke master … everyone in the whole industry pokes out their grabs or as properly said TWEAKs out their grabs… Ben does the same shit he has been doing since I noticed or he riding was shoved in the spotlite… as for the other rider, who spins like that anymore, body straight no grab, man the state of this sport is sad.. you got sharpe blogging everything he does 24 7, there is no mystery anymore, where are the new tricks, ah i guess instead of progressing we should all just stick to the same thing and copy all the moves anyone does, that should be fun!

  3. One Says:

    Oh ya and i almost threw up when I read the article where soven was like … ya I think I am going to “free Ride” in other words, I am going to copy everyone I see and be a total lazy bitch no AHAHA shit what has happened all this sport is a popularity contest. They said they wanted to “Clean up the Sport” well they sure as hell have done a good job of sucking all the fun out of the sport. FUCK!

  4. BroHo Says:

    haters gonna hate. Isnt there a limit to what can be done on a wakeboard? Where can it go? What is the next step?

  5. Eric Says:

    Im sick of reading posts like the 2 above, if you have a problem with wakeboarding and where it is, don’t visit wakeboarding sites anymore, simple as that. You might as well quit the sport while you’re at it and get a job as a movie critic or food critic. If you have something bad to say about people who spend their time doing what they love, don’t say anything at all. Ben and Adam (and Phil and Chad for that matter) are really good at what they do. I appreciate that they put out these videos (free), remember the days when you had to wait 7 months to see it in a magazine ($4) and then another 7 months and to see it in a video ($30).

  6. legit Says:

    Hey dumbass trying to represent RVCA, you just made yourself look like an idiot on a site where you don’t even belong. How does that feel? Need a drink? You obviously don’t have an eye for style aka steeze factor, therefore; you should quit voicing your opinion on matters that you are completely ignorant on.

  7. RVCA Says:

    ok… Let me start by saying, if anyone has a probelem with where the sport is going, they should be the first to talk about it so that anything can chane. You sound like a Fascist fuck go burn some books, oh wait… you dont want to actually pick one up and read it you would rather read garbage that has been written in one day and is completely free you fucking kook. eric… and for you Legit, trying to represent RVCA, i fucking was trying to think of a name a looked at a hat that I “pretend to represend” when it sitting right in front of me you worthless hack. And no I don’t need a drink you fucking idiot, and yes I have an eye for style Im sure you have no fucking idea what your talking about… O wait,,, you dont

  8. Trevor Stewart Says:

    dude… i heard this saying one time… “if you don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT THE FUCK UP.”

  9. Rip Curl Says:

    First off, RVCA is 100% right. The sport of wakeboarding is awesome i love it, but the PWT style wakeboarding makes me sick and is killing the sport. Pro wakeboarders except the select few are a bunch of rich kids living off mommy and daddy. If my parents said, ” hey go move to orlando and use your school money to wakeboard everyday.” I would be a “Pro” wakeboarder easy. Repetition is the father of learn, so doing all day everyday who couldn’t be a pro wakeboarder. Those guys have been doing the same runs over and over and over and over. How can you expect the crowd to be interested when they know what is going to happen. Seriously The X Games obviously relized that the competitions were boring as shit. Im not hating just stating a point that wakeboarding is getting repetitive and i wish it wasn’t, but maybe the sport or should i say hobby has come to its last straw. Lets hope the people with System 2.0 can save it.

  10. Dan Lay Says:

    Hey RVCA, I know who you are. You are the guy who does laid out tantrums and straight legged 3’s but can’t even do 180’s. It’s okay to hate but no one has the right to hate as hard as you until I see you rockin that RVCA hat in a vid on Alliance. This video wasn’t Ben trying to push the sport, his glory days have come and gone, he’s just showing us that he’s still got it…YEA POKE MASTER!

  11. cameron steiner Says:

    adam and ben good shredddin!!!

  12. good vibes Says:

    that pete 5 was sicckk! comments on here these days are redic. I agree w/ trevor

  13. RVCA Says:

    ….Rip Curl well put

  14. RVCA Says:

    Ill show you a little vid I made so your straight legged nonsense can see ahah and now it will be on alliance thanks for the idea.

  15. Justin J Says:

    I wish alliance would just get rid of the comments section all together. The flood of negitivity is really killing the stoke and making us sound like snowboarders. Great video though.

  16. Eric Says:

    I can agree with what some of what Rip Curl said and I can agree there is too much boat riding videos popping up when the future and most of the progression of this sport is most likely in cable because of its affordability, but no one ever got anywhere successfully by bashing everyone and being so negative. I’m sick of people that feel the need to voice there hateful opinion. Here’s a quote you haters should listen to by Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world” So why don’t you show us some new stuff or tell someone who could do something new to go out and try it instead of complaining about the current state of the sport in a comment for this video. I mean people are going to go and do some of the same tricks, it’s not like you learn a trick and you get it on film and then never go out and try to do it again. Not everyone is going to like every trick either, but if you’re a wakeboarder, you should be able to appreciate some of them. AND by the way, you’ll see some new tricks come surf expo for move of the year, there is always at least one new trick that has never been done.

  17. Adam Fields Says:

    I grabbed every spin, what are you talking about? They were nice enough to leave all of my un-grabbed spins out. Thanks Alliance! Sweet video!!! Can’t wait to see the BroStock episode!

  18. brochaco Says:

    RVCA is totally not a bro, bronameth, bromeo, broasaurus, broguy or any other variation of a bro.

  19. Zak Swain Says:

    Why even bother with wakeboarding RVCA? your way better at being a troll.

    Sick video by Pat even sicker riding by Ben and Adam! slayin it!

  20. hooka Says:

    hey guys. lets just smoke a fatty and enjoy the rockstar girls. chill this video is sick.

  21. Trevor Stewart Says:

    great idea hooka. I feel like most of us can agree on that one…

  22. Jeremy Hebert Says:

    Id have to say i am also blown away at some of the comments lately… guys need to just keep it to yourselves thanks to alliance for hosting all of these vids and pics……..RVCA, i didnt see anything to impressive in that link you posted……hopefully you have tightened up your riding since 07 !!

  23. shredder Says:

    RVCA – you knock on Ben’s lack of creativity. I’ll admit, you are a good rider if that is actually you in the youtube link, but you are just copying the stuff Randall and Lyman have been doing for years… where is your creativity???

  24. Chuch Says:

    Legit. Two of my favorite riders together in one video. Adam crushing it as always. The most under rated player in the game!

  25. Reeder Says:

    From the video of that is him. that youtube link is Kyle Murphy. Dont know why he would be bashing on everyone. but i mean if you gonna do it, put your real name up there. Step yo game up.

  26. John Tyler Blackmon Says:

    Zak Swain – thanks for even commenting on here,
    Reeder- preciate you shedding some light on “the trash”
    Adam Fields- you don’t need to defend yourself. You Shred…

    It’s getting ridiculous. I pray the west coast kids (KM or RVCA) or whoever you are, enjoy the fact you’re not getting video parts, covers, or websites videos about YOU these days. You really have no place to be a hater when this whole sport and community are smaller then the employee staff at your local Wal-Mart. Benny G…rides better then you. As for Adam Fields… haha… haha I don’t even need to waste my time on that. His riding speaks for itself. A North Carolina boy who takes 1st more times then I can count, and certainly has more style then you have ability to spew crap and hate out of your trap.

    You’re probably just a bro anyways…hater

  27. shredstar Says:

    Oh my god, that heel seven at 1:46 was like.. totally not grabbed.

  28. steveP Says:

    wow. this is horrible. we are all people that enjoy wakeboarding and this is the discussion we have. the wake community has become spoiled by guys like chad who are constantly posting videos, cramming wake down our throats… thanks chad!!!
    the progression of the sport shouldn’t be judged after watching one video of a couple guys out riding having a good time. if you think the progression has stopped than you need to preorder a copy of DEFY. the boys were killin it up at radar.

  29. steveP Says:

    btw. for those of us who are not idots… if the person posting a comment can’t even type a sentence that makes any sense, i wouldn’t worry about what they are “trying” to say.

  30. waterboard fan Says:

    RVCA is not Murphy. Murph doesn’t even look at this site.
    RVCA=crack head.

  31. ECD Says:

    Eric said to much boat riding? Really, it’s called wake boarding for a reason. Cables are ok but talk about doing the same thing over and over in a circle… boring…It’s like baseball fun to play boring as hell to watch !Get some friends with a boat if you can’t afford one, nothing like killin some brews and burning one down with the homies on the lake.

  32. hooka Says:


  33. suga Says:

    Ben Greenwood is the shit RVCA is a douch that new kid has a unique style BUT all i gotta say is Ben in Butter Effect was rediculous rvca should watch that and get educated before running his mouth oh yea and its all about variety wake rails winch cable you gotta keep the tricks guessin ya digg

  34. Adam Fields Says:

    Hey shredstar, you are right! Def not one of my better heel 7s! Can do lots better. A mute or melan on that would be a lot better than nose anyway. Kinda throws my balance a bit too much behind the board. How do you prefer to grab your heel and switch heel 7s? Its always cool to mix it up!

  35. Eric Says:

    Well Adam, I like to grab my switch heel 7s with a roast beef or nuclear, maybe i should work on grabbing the switch heel 5s first, lol. You guys both rip it up, really liked the grab adam did in the middle of the 540 and that stale (or switch method) bs 180. And benny G’s method and bs oa 5 are always sick. I agree wakeboarding should be about variety. But everyone is entitled to their own, people might like one thing better than the other. I just feel the future generations of our sport will mostly be familiar with cable and there should be more cable videos out showcasing all the heard and unheard cable dudes who rip.

  37. Billy Says:

    all I got to say is adam fields kills it.

  38. shredstar Says:

    Why in the world would I want to grab the board when its already strapped to my feet…….. what a waste of energy


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