Dbot5, a lifestyle company producing golf goods and accessories for the rebellious and non-conforming human; has teamed up with professional wake boarder/ innovator, Danny Harf.

For 11+ years Harf has killed it in numerous wake competitions and in September this bright and shiny rider captured the "Best Wakeboard Move" at the 2008 Wake Awards.  Last season Harf landed the first 1260 in wakeboard history!  Like Dbot, Harf is a forward thinker with a passion for board sports and life. This athlete is the perfect ambassador for a company supplying sick golf necessities to a whole new demographic.

Dbot works first hand with top golf suppliers of the world; and now brand new products are being seen on green courses and driving ranges everywhere. Along with the edgy irons and flashy bags an “out of the clubhouse” generation is showing up for tee times too. A younger group of life enthusiasts have leisurely picked up the century old sport. They may play it a little differently; with music blasting in their heads and tattooed forearms, but they are full of respect, passion, and new ideas.

Dbot’s intentions with golf are to reward athletes through another channel and bring awareness of their talents to the world. Danny Harf, Parks Bonifay and Shane Bonifay along side their equally hard working friends / athletes took a sport and through sheer passion and love built it into what it is today. We got groms like Jeff House bringing in the new generation of sick shredders. This positive and intense energy is what Dbot seeks in humans. This is a lifestyle. Some people get it. Lame people don’t. Products can be purchased at www.13thgreen.com. Have you made a tee time with Dbot5 yet?