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The Delta Force members Derek Cook, Josh Twelker, and Trever Maur are at it again with another jaw dropping edit. Check out what these boys have been up to this summer in the trenches of the California delta.

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16 Responses to “Delta Force: Anchors Away”

  1. Sam Baker Says:

    Ahhh best tuesday morning ever! Down right dirty

  2. Lisa Brown Says:

    Nice work guys! Sweet edit Trevor!!

  3. Andrew Masi Says:

    Damn!!! awesome edit and riding! twelker’s double grab 3 was insane! and derek cook for most innovative rider of 2013. Grabs for daysssss

  4. Steve Gould Says:

    been waiting for this crews edit all summer, STOKKKEDDD

  5. Kyle Says:

    Derek Cook’s style is unreal

  6. Riley Says:

    Never get’s old watching you 3 ride! Cook you’re killin it!

  7. Mike Ennen Says:

    Nice work boys! Lets shred this fall!

  8. steveP Says:

    looks like so much fun

  9. Mitch Says:

    Derek Cook stole the show. Even though he has been getting some good coverage, I still think he is underrated. He keeps getting better and better.

    Great video! I love watching these 3 guys.

  10. boomsmack Says:

    most stylish 3 riders on the planet

  11. BAM Says:

    Oh my! too much style on the west coast…

    haha, keep up the good work delta force! nice to the see the king is back at it! and D Cook with that crail 3 is money.

  12. shredforces Says:

    yall 2 trill ! foreal, been waitīn allll summer for The delta force to drop disss!! SO shred, gentlemen!!!

  13. dudeman Says:

    holy styleballs

  14. ChosenOne Says:

    For the good of wakeboarders everywhere, we need a Twelker edit to drop every week

  15. Chelsea Clark Says:

    The freshest edit I’ve seen in a while! Dig this soooo much.

  16. TheSpangler Says:

    Alliance needs more Delta!


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