October 25th, 2012 by alliance

All your favorite riders from the West Coast mashed up into a highlight reel of style.

Video by Trever Maur

9 Responses to “Delta Force Mash Up!”

  1. johnny Says:

    Randalls riding does not fit this shitty music

  2. hmm Says:

    Yeah Rich!!

  3. Clifford Says:

    More Randall Please

  4. Travisz83 Says:

    Wheres J Callen?

  5. Bill Dance Says:

    Great riding, but this music just burned a hole in my soul. When will it ever stop?

  6. mhmhm Says:

    Music doesn’t fit at all…

  7. Spencer T Says:

    Delta has been blowing up Alliance the past couple weeks! They’ve got the style covered!

  8. Nice Says:

    Nice to see Rodrigo and Whispers being recognized. Far as I’m concerned, the WSRs owned this season.

  9. jamie Says:

    Dudes shred! But I have to admit, johnny’s comment made me (ahem) “lol”!


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