So our friend Dieter moved to Winter Park, FL about a month and a half ago in the pursuit of the all American dream…Doughnut’s, McDonald’s French fries, Super sized milk shakes and a complete lack of exercise. Well, actually, he came to the states from South Africa to wakeskate and live it up the way we do it in Winter Park. Dieter’s been staying at Matt Staker’s pad, which is right down the road from Chase Heavener, Tony Smith and Myself. We’ve all made a valiant effort to show him the all American way. Staker’s been taking him to Steak and Shake for Cottage cheese and pineapple dishes, I’ve been riding with him a bit, and we’ve all been trying to party and show him the way we live. About two weeks ago We went to Bass Pro Shops to get some fishing lure’s and shorts (the ones with 101 pockets to hold all your lure’s, eliminating the need for a tackle box), so Dieter decided to invest in some gear and get into the hobby he calls “Bass hunting.”


Dieter and I made an agreement that we wouldn’t shave their faces until we both caught a fish with our new gear. This was two weeks ago, and still no fish. The agreement didn’t last long because we suspected that our beards were bringing us bad luck and misfortunes. We tried fishing stache’s and even a clean shave, but the fishing gods have shown no mercy. I’m writing this letter in hopes that someone will contact us ( with their best advice for reeling in the beast. Dieter bought the Bill Dance pro model pole because the tag read “Bringing in the beast since 1987.” We have yet to even spot the beast. I guess the guy at Bass pro was right…”Lure’s are designed to catch fisherman, not fish.” Please contact us with any advice you have on bass fishing. Until then…check out the photo’s, and BELIEVE!