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Wakestyle now, is a term thrown around pretty loosely these days in kiteboarding, which is unusual because as recently as two years ago, it was a term that essentially only referred to about %1 of the kiteboarding population. However with the recent emergence of bindings on the world tour, you see more and more people throwing that word around. It seems now as if almost all the top pros fall into the same category, what follows can be considered the distinction… In Patrick Wieland’s new short film “Distinction” produced by Mauicio Abreu, riders Alex Fox and Sam Light establish the standard and return the word “wakestyle” to its original roots.

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12 Responses to “Distinction”

  1. nini Says:

    Great video!

  2. Carlos Says:

    More wakeboarders should try Kiteboarding! It is the ultimate water board sport.

  3. Adam Cruzan Says:

    Damn that was sick. Not the biggest fan of kiteboarding, but those dudes made it look correct. props

  4. Joe Storenelli Says:

    Kookiest shit out there. Bunch of wannabe wakeboarder string puppets.

  5. scarerow Says:

    I enjoyed it. Some of the kite stuff gets a bit dangly but a lot of stuff looks exactly like wakeboarding tricks. Their park skills were great.

  7. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Seriously people like Joe whatever his name is are just sad. “String puppets?”… Sam Light just killed it and actually was a wakeboarder before he began kiting…Anyhow I won’t try and figure out dumb comments.

    That video was sick! Big up to Patrick Wieland and Sam Light and co. Sick video. It’s cool to see these guys killing it in the US at places like St. Pete, Ski Rixen, Odub, Islmarado, etc. Love the hug grabbed Mobe 5 and roll to blind rewind back blind 5.

  8. John Dreiling Says:

    loved the video. Sickest s mobe 5 ive ever seen! love to watch sam ride!

  9. Pat Higgins Says:

    I think it was fox’s melon slim 5, and stale fish roll to blind that were the most impressive. Sick riding all around. Patrick seems to be killing it lately.

  10. Rik Says:

    That was the sickest move 5 i think I’ve ever seen on a board regardless of pull.

    Nice video all around. Really, great job man. I enjoyed watching that a lot.

  11. haha Says:

    yep kiteboarding just got posted on alliance

  12. jack Says:

    Find it funny how much people moan about other sports. Their is nothing that means the you cant be a kite-boarder and a wakeboarder. They both have benefits and things that make them great sports.


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