Wakeboarding and NASCAR are two worlds that seemingly don't go together at all. In fact, if NASCAR drivers were tow-boat drivers, we'd be pretty pissed at all the donuts they were spinning around the lake (and bump drafting definitely isn't a good idea for wakeboarders…).

But there happens to be a nice little lake right in the middle of the Daytona International Speedway, and there also happens to be quite a few NASCAR fans and drivers (yes, drivers) who are into wakeboarding. Centurion boats has a great working relationship with the NASCAR people and organized to have a couple wakeboard boats on the lake during the Daytona 500. Team rider Kyle Rattray invited me to come out and I was immediately in. How could I say no to loud cars, burning rubber, mullets and thousands of confederate flags? Exactly, I couldn't.

It's funny walking into the Daytona infield with a group of wakeboarders and hearing questions like, "Where's the snow?" or "You boys gonna do some boogie-boardin'?" We were definitely the out-of-towners at this party. But there's something about being able to say you were wakeboarding during the 50th running of the Daytona 500. Despite the windy conditions and general lack of knowledge by most fans regarding what we were there for, all the guys had a lot of fun. We got to walk around the infield, get up close with a lot of the cars, and see things most of the fans in attendance probably didn't get to. Heck, we even got to walk on the track and sign the wall.