July 1st, 2008 by admin

A Few weeks ago Brandon lee called to ask if I wanted to come up to Georgia to ride in a doubles contest that Ambush was putting on. I said hell yea and called Jeff House to see if he wanted to be my shred partner. Costumes were encouraged so that made it impossible for him to say no. After digging around Zane Schwenk's shed we found some awesome barefoot/Showski wetsuits , took a practice doubles set, then hit the road for the 8 hour drive to the ATL. When we got there on Saturday it looked more like a summertime halloween party then a wakeboard contest. Jeff and I felt right at home. The entire day was full of air raleys over your buds, high fives, and some close calls. It was the most fun contest i have ever been to. If you haven't ridden doubles in a while I highly recommend it. keep an eye out for more on this event in an upcoming issue of Alliance. Thanks to Chuck and everyone at ambush for putting on another awesome outside the box contest.

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  1. [re]aWAKEning | Ambush Boarding Co. News & More! Says:

    […] Ambush Board Co. has always pushed the realm of possibilities for wakeboard contests. We were the first in Georgia to host a legitimate wakeboard contest series (BYOB Wakeboard Contest Series), the first to host a wintertime wakeboard event (The Polar Bear Wakeboard Contest), the first to put on a wakesurf only tournament (Georgia Wakesurf Championships), and first to bring about a contest based entirely on riding doubles (Ambush Doubles Contest). […]


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