By now the Denver Boat show is long gone. There is now a “citywide principal operational meeting” in the downtown convention center. I’m not too sure exactly what goes on at one of those, but I can guarantee it’s not as fun as the action that went down in the massive Tommy’s Slalom Shop booth. Not to fear however, there are still many boat shows lined up for the year. Still, more opportunities to meet some of the best riders in the world and check out the sickest gear for 2008.

I was lucky enough to travel to Denver, Colorado early with the lovely Shelby Kantar in order to snowboard. Shelby and I were swooped up at the airport by the one and only Patrick Cerney for three days of shredding at Keystone resort. This was my first time to Colorado and I was told that the snow would be much drier and fluffier than the “Sierra cement” that I’m used to. It was true; even several days after a storm, Patrick lead Shelby and I on a short hike only to be greeted with that sweet, soft, fluffy stuff. During our days at Keystone we hit up the park, watched random kids throw 9’s over 70ft jumps, and even took a $5 cat ride to hit up some sick powder tree lines. More than satisfied and a little frozen from the minus temperatures on the last day, we drove back down to Denver to hang out with the great folks at Tommy’s.

Every year, Tommy and his employees set up a massive booth loaded down with all the new boards, boots, and Malibu boats. Then some of coolest wakeboarders show up for three days to stoke out, help out, and autograph the fresh water enthusiasts of Colorado. It is true, the riders really scribble their signatures on people. I actually saw Brian Reeder and Danny Hampson sign some guy’s entire family. Parks, JD Webb, Adam E, and the Ennens were also on hand for the fun. It was cool to see all the groms and even old dudes get stoked to meet their favorite wakeboard heroes. All the riders did a great job of representing the sport and making people happy.

Of course there was after hours fun. After a long day at the show our LF crew would head out for some good food and good beer. We ate bison one night and at Shelby’s request we even stopped at the Samba Room for what she says is the “best mojito ever”; I will admit they were pretty dang tasty. They say don’t mix business and pleasure, but that is exactly what we did in Colorado. A little snowboarding, some boat show, and some after hours fun made our trip to Colorado one to remember.