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German Slingshot shredder Tobi Rittig showing the unique ways to use a wakeboard. Tobi rides at Wakepark Thulba Bavaria which he has been operating by himself for the last 5 years. Get creative!

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23 Responses to “Down The Wrist with Tobi Rittig”

  1. Klein Says:

    How dope is this shit!!

  2. Elliott Says:

    agreed Kein! jibable madness. so dope.

  3. Novapull Says:

    seriously loved this video. so different and creative.

  4. ok Says:

    watched it till the end , nice stuff keep going !

  5. chad Says:

    Its like Think Thank on water! and that is a great thing

  6. cactusjib Says:

    Nothing spectacular. I watched about 20 seconds of it. Did I miss something good? I saw him touch a few sliders, play drag a$$ on a few, and nearly cut his fingers off by grabbing his board while sliding.

  7. Alex Brennan Says:

    sick riding, cool features/feature ideas, right on!

  8. Kyle Says:

    very cool very original

  9. Tsode Says:

    This dude has way more fun then you

  10. JD Webb Says:

    That was really fun to watch, made me want to go shred!!

  11. Trento_Ramzoid Says:

    Is this alliancewake or twsnow day in the park!?! way to get ur shred on!

  12. FlipD$K Says:

    So sick, that made me want to shred some snow

  13. colby m Says:

    haters gon hate, dude’s got some mad skills.

  14. Mike Ennen Says:

    Nice Steee !! chad nailed it Think Thank on water!

  15. Azmi Says:

    So unique !

  16. Will Says:

    I wanna be like Tobi when I grow up

  17. Steffen Says:

    Yeah Tobi… that s my boy!

  18. boomsmack Says:

    that was really cool

  20. bluegrass wake Says:

    That was one of the best rail riding videos I’ve seen in a while. snow/street feel but thats where rail riding on the water should be going. where is this style in cable comps?

  21. big furry Says:

    amaze boats!

  22. Novapull Says:

    just watched this a second and third time….so good!

  23. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Wakenboarden ze schnitzel wit ze sweatenshirten wearren


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