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6 time World Wakesurfing Champion Drew Danielo is out to prove that wakesurfing is a lot more than just standing behind the boat.

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6 time World Wakesurfing Champion Drew Danielo is out to prove that wakesurfing is a lot more than just standing behind the boat.
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20 Responses to “Drew Danielo Wakesurfing”

  1. hmm Says:

    someone’s gotta kickflip one of them wakesurfers by now.

  2. boarder Says:


    Quit sending rollers all over the lake. Better yet, go learn how to ACTUALLY surf. Like, real waves… in the ocean… where you are supposed to surf. Pretty sure most wakesurfers have never even ridden a real surfboard.

    Btw, you are way more of a nuisance than jet-skiers.

  3. jason Says:

    old dudes with beer guts wakesurf

  4. John Kani Says:

    i wish drew danielo kept wake skating! he had a gnarly benihana

  5. Ray & Randy Says:

    frickin inland swell is so sick. like come on its at least head high all day erryday, tide is always high and the breeze is offshore…

    get a life wakesurfers

  6. Lorin Says:

    Come on wakeboarders, we all know the most annoying thing on the lake is tubers, Jet skis are second. Wakesurfers are not that anoying. I have always been a wakeboarder, but once you hit mid 30’s I don’t heal like I used to. You don’t see Byerly, Parks, and Murry winning all the contests these days. All of us get old you might as well start wakesurfing now because boating will be funner later in life. Also when wakeboard injury has you down, you can prob still wake surf. On another note I have seen Drew ride and the dude is as good live as he is in the movie. Hardly ever crashes. Centurion wave rules!

  7. John Haile Says:

    That was sick!!!

  8. mike h Says:

    ill take 2 jetski’s, 2 boats pulling tubers & an air chair over 1 wakesurfer. When the skis, tubers, air chair boats pass, their wakes dissipate.
    A wakesurfers wakes continue on and on and on well after the boat is long gone. No boats around, yet my bow is bouncing for days – must be a wakesurfer around :(
    Go to the ocean and catch a wave!

  9. BenB Says:

    You guys who are hating all need to get real and realize you dont own the lake. If your bow is bouncing and your sick of the chop then get out of the water. Lakes are what they are. nothing you can do.

    Drew shreds, back bigs with no rope is way sicker than any gymnastic wakeboard trick will ever be

  10. The Spangler Says:

    I used to hate on wakesurfers, but now recovering from a broken femur, I appreciate wakesurfing a little more as I i cannot wakeboard like i normally do, so it’s a lot better than just sitting around doing nothing, I can at least shred . But when it’s glass out no one should be wakesurfing.

  11. steveP Says:

    whats wakesurfing?

  12. Jeff Says:

    Is he skimboarding?

  13. TurtleLover Says:

    Shot on a RED? Has wakesurfing arrived?

  14. Rick C Says:

    i agree with the kickflip, someones gotta kickflip

  15. Add Says:

    Drew would ride plywood better than anyone who has posted on here strapped or not. Do yourself a favor and go look at the old omen vids.

  16. Ben Dover Says:

    I would wakesurf everyday if I could. It’s been flat here all summer.

  17. g west Says:

    I only wakesurf when im too drunk to ride. This was boring. To the guy who said “you dont see parks byerly and murray winning contests”, your are a idiot. They are OGs dude, they dont compete! They still shred hard. I gotta say tubers and jet skis are worse than wakesurfers though. Damn tubers came into the cove that I was wakeskating in and totally ruined the water. Take all that shit into the main channel where it dosent matter if its choppy. Why am I getting mad right now?!?! Fuck it! HATE HATE HATE

  18. Zak Stone Says:

    We are so lucky to be able to watch Drew ride. Here is some Old Omen footage.

    And to the Wakesurf Haters. Learn to adapt. If you need perfect water to ride you aren’t a real rider then! I’ll take a Wakesurfer over tube and jet skier any day! Last I checked 22.5MPH is faster than 10.2MPH on the ol Perfect pass.

    Drew you rule!!! On or Off the water!!! Arson 4 Life!

  19. dood. Says:

    hmmm- we only wsurf when it is too choppy to ride a board or a skate- wakesurf rollers are wayyy worse than tubers or jetskiiers. A 10-11mph roller behind a wake boat is just about the worst thing possible if your trying to find some decent water to do some real riding on.

  20. Ya Says:

    Drew you straight kill it. The negative comments come from those that don’t know shit and probably can’t ride either. Let me know when anyone of the haters even have something worthy to be posted and viewed on alliance period……..there won’t be any. You kill it, they are crazy.


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